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European Union Law

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Pietrangeli Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance in the area of European Union law, representing clients both in and out of court.

We deal with a variety of matters, such as issues relating to the fundamental economic freedoms (free movement of goods; right of establishment; freedom to provide services – including issues concerning public procurement and the recognition of academic and professional qualifications; free movement of capital), competition law, public services, regulated markets, State aids, transport, environment and energy, commercial policy.

Our professionals prepare, more specifically, opinions on matters of European Union law.

Furthermore, they pay particular attention to cases which raise issues as to the interpretation and application of European Union law by Italian courts (ordinary, administrative and tax courts).

Last but not least, our professionals represent clients in actions brought by natural or legal persons before the General Court of the European Union and in appeals brought before the Court of Justice of the European Union.

As regards the experience acquired over the years, it should be noted that:

➢ Matters on which our professionals have prepared opinions include, in particular, the concept of waste in European Union law, the interpretation of Directive 2004/18/EC in the field of public procurement, and the applicability of EU’s procurement rules to goods and services concessions.