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The Firm Profile

Pietrangeli Law Firm is a firm which deals, both at judicial and extrajudicial level, exclusively with international law matters, such as:
o international human rights protection;
o international civil service law;
o public international law;
o private international law;
o international and European civil procedure and international contracts;
o citizenship and statelessness;
o European Union law.

Our professionals conduct litigation not only before Italian courts, but also and primarily before international and European courts and tribunals – in particular the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and International Administrative Tribunals, such as the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva and the Administrative Tribunal of the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in Rome.

Our clients include natural persons, enterprises (including sole proprietorships), foreign States and International Organizations.

On behalf of enterprises Pthat work with foreign partners or abroad, we also provide assistance, in outsourcing, as in-house counsel.

However, a distinguishing feature of our firm is that, in addition to representing our clients both in and out of court, we have always provided specialized advice to other law firms. With particular regard to international human rights protection, we also examine, on behalf of other law firms, available defence arguments under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Protocols thereto, in order to supplement the defence submissions based on domestic-law to be raised in proceedings before Italian courts.

The particular characteristics of international law matters require not only that the professionals who deal with such matters have specific expertise in the specific subject matter involved but also, and quite often, that they know other subject matters which fall within the same field and are able to use and combine their knowledges. Expertise in a variety of international law matters, resulting also from our professionals’ ongoing commitment at academic and scientific level, a high specialization and a highly focused practice, are, therefore, some of the key strengths of Pietrangeli Law Firm.

With respect to our method of practice, the approach taken in examining cases involves intense teamwork, as well as a constant combination of theory and practice where remarkable in-depth studies support practical experience.

When a case confronts us with matters requiring knowledge of areas of the law other than international law matters we are able to draw on in-house expertise in administrative law, criminal law and family law, or to rely on a well-established network of external consultants specialized in other areas, including qualified accountants and labour lawyers with whom we have long collaborated.

Although many things may have changed over the years, we have maintained the same personalized attention to our clients and the same principles of professional ethics.